19000 Truckers Plan Protest of Electronic Logging Starting TODAY

Message received from Larry Fersh, one of the protesters, by Reload: “Truckers shutting down nationwide people.Start stocking up…Anti ELD campaign. Mr. President you better wake up in a hurry.”

A grassroots coalition of owner-operators and drivers opposed to the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is planning a series of protests at over 40 locations across the country on Monday Dec. 4. The 19,000-member group “ELD or Me” originally aimed to hold protests in every state and Charlie Claburn, one of the organizers for the group’s national effort, noted that larger states will have multiple rallies. All are scheduled to commence at 9 a.m. local time.

“We‘re going to have some pretty heavy hitters speaking on Monday,” noted Claburn, a longtime driver and trucking activist based in Diberville, MS, in Facebook broadcast. Amateur hour is over 9 a.m. on Monday Dec. 4. Truck drivers are all in it together – it’s a team effort. We’re going to get it done. We’re taking back what is ours.”

“You think it’s just about the ELD; we have a lot bigger problems than that little black box they are trying to put in our trucks,” Claburn added…..The federal government is trying to grab our throats and strangle us. State governments too; truck drivers are targeted [for citations] in order to bring in revenue – that’s all we are to them, a source of revenue.” The “ELD or me” coalition said it will seek to inform the general public at via its protest that the devices are unsafe as they will force truck drivers to play “beat the clock” on highways across the nation.

 “Truckers matter; our lives matter too and they are putting our future and business in jeopardy,” he said. “It’s got to stop. We as professional drivers have a right to be heard.”

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