2011: Broward Decides to STOP arresting Students for Crimes Why? Grant money (Must Read)

Sheriff Israel Broward County Florida School Shooting Money Grants Crimes arrests

Starting in 2011 it seems Broward decided to stop arresting students for crimes, starting 2011. Better crime stats  = more grant money. Was this why Cruz was ignored?

Over time as it became evident that small offense would be ignored, the severity of the crimes increased. 

This is an interesting PILE of evidence-You read and decide for yourself what you think

You can click below and the Twitter timeline of @TheLastRefuge2 feed and been “unrolled” so that it can be read as one continuous story 

The first step:

1. Watch this video.

People don’t understand how Broward County School Sheriff Officers operate. Then read the link below where @TheLastRefuge2 explains.

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