Why would we abandon Trump? He’s doing what he said he would do


Gary Abernathy contributor to the Dallas News, breaks it down exactly WHY Trump supporters are not going anywhere.

“A year removed from our newspaper’s endorsement of Donald Trump for president, the most frequent question I get in emails and letters are from Trump critics asking whether I regret the endorsement.
I find it an odd question. It’s reflective of a similar theme often directed at Trump supporters in columns from many of our nation’s leading op-ed writers, especially after a presidential tweet-storm or inflammatory comment or action. “Will President Trump’s supporters finally desert him?” they ask.”

Abernathy addresses one point that the panting Trump haters were sure would shake our trust in our chosen leader:

“Among all of candidate Trump’s missteps and outrages, the one that was thought to most assuredly guarantee his demise was the infamous Access Hollywood tape and the ensuing allegations of numerous women claiming Trump sexually assaulted them. Those instances are the most frequently enumerated in the correspondence I receive suggesting the need for endorsement regret.

But apparently lost on many is that, in the 1990s, the left won the argument that these stories don’t matter, and that people’s private lives and attitudes, as sordid and problematic as they may be, do not determine their effectiveness as a public servant. So convincingly did President Bill Clinton’s defenders win that debate that even many on the right came to accept it, which is in part why Trump is immune on the topic and Roy Moore’s Senate candidacy remains viable in Alabama.“

Abernaty points out that Trump the President is exactly the same as Trump the candidate. 

For his take on that and several other reason we will NEVER leave Trump read the full op-ed HERE


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