Alabama Accuser Deborah Wesson Gibson Deletes Anti-Moore Postings, Rants About Removing Trump from Office

Apparently one of Judge Moore’s accusers is a left-wing Trump Hater. While she has deleted many of her posts, some are still active and others were saved by news organizations and can be viewed here at Breibart

This connection, and the timing of these allegations make for a VERY suspicious turn of events.

“Deborah Wesson Gibson has deleted multiple political postings from her Facebook page

in one deleted posting saved by Breitbart News, she shared the image of her with Biden in response to a posting from the campaign page of Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones:

In October 13, she shared a link to a New York Magazine article titled, “Democrats Have a Real Chance to Beat Roy Moore—They Should Take It.”


In one posting that is still on her page, Gibson urged the removal of Trump from office, writing, “Get Trump OUT before we all get nuked!”

“How fast can we be rid of Trump?” she asks. “Seriously, time is of the essence. This is not a playground exchange….”

On February 2, she wrote, “Need to invoke 25th Amendment & impeach before there is war on American soil. Heartbroken to say that I truly believe this”

On February 4, she posted an image of Trump branded with “Not my president”


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