America in Distress- Shutdown Means Nothing: Our Foundation is Crumbling

America in Distress Memo release

How many of you realize how serious the issue of releasing the memo is? Because of the refusal to release it’s contents and expose the corruption in the underbelly, America is in distress.

Contained in those four pages are the names and actions of the people who tried to bring down America and everything we stand for.

When you see congressmen visibly shaken and in shock over what they saw in that memo there can be no doubt it MUST be made public.

The Democrats unanimously voted to keep the information hidden from We the People. They KNOW what they are hiding, they don’t give a rat’s ass about “classified” information. Both them and the filthy deep state leak it all the time.

Truer words have never been spoken than this tweet from Don Jr.

The Democrats have ONE interest only: self-preservation of their evil and corrupt takeover of America.

They want to turn it into a shithole and American born citizens be damned! Their power and pocketbooks mean more to them than the surfs they lord themselves over.

The question now is, what the hell are We the People going to do if this cover-up continues?

At the least a march on Washington would be a necessity. Not one of those feel good, half-day, come and go events. No!

This is so serious it requires an extended stay event until we rip the evil out of D.C. through forced transparency and prosecution where applicable.

If not this, If not now, when? Soon there will be nothing left to march for…


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