America and The Mantle of Forever Guilt

How did we get to the point where deriding and trying to destroy everything that is America and it’s culture is not only acceptable but embraced.

One of the main reasons is misplaced guilt. We have allowed those who hate our country and culture to manipulate and use to their advantage, America’s kindness and generosity. 

This is 2017-We have ways of doing things today that were not the norm hundreds of years ago. However, we have allowed these Marxist manipulators to imprison our minds and convince us there is a reason to feel guilt and NEVER in a million years will you be able to “set in right” no matter how much they get you to give up or how much you grovel at their trough of lies. 

America was settled the same way as the rest of the earth, through wars, bloodshed, diplomacy and all other means available. So, what! 

Does it ever occur to you that virtually every nation in existence was conquered and established by those means? In fact, it’s still that way in the world today. Slavery too, was worldwide and is still in existence today. We ended it hundreds of years ago. But let’s not let that little fact get in the way of “forever guilt”. Forever guilt is the finest tool of America’s worst enemies.

If it does occur to you, do you ever ask yourself, WHY is it that only America is belittled and denigrated for it’s common past?

The answer is simple, America is the shining light on the hill, founded as a Christian nation, for that reason her haters use any and all means to destroy her, her people, and her culture.

The worst part is, Americans, in their zeal to “live down” their supposed injustices, are actually willing pawns in the plot to destroy all they hold dear.

There are a litney of ways in which we are enabling these haters. We attend their schools, we buy their products, we support their TV shows and movies, and worst of all, we accept their false and  “forever guilt” they have thrown upon us.

So this Thanksgiving, and for the rest of your life, if you love America, YOUR country, and are unwilling to be used as a pawn in her destruction: Throw off the mantle of “forever guilt” with a refusal to EVER wear it again. 

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