Two huge events today, Sessions recusing himself and a traitor getting virtually no punishment, a TRAITOR to America, have proven that the United States of America is no longer a nation of laws, that justice is not blind, she is a contaminated, crippled shell that means NOTHING as it applies to elites, traitors, political slime and corrupt officials. Our justice system has been infiltrated by Obama appointed hacks and haters of what America is about and what it stands for. They were placed there for one reason: To destroy America as we know it. We can’t trust FBI leaders to carry out justice apparently, NOW it seems we can not trust the military for military justice. Sadly the military is rapidly becoming a social experiment, there are MANY good men and women in the military, as there are in the FBI, they are there for the right reasons.. BUT there are high level people running it who are part of the Obama “Destroy America” agenda.

What can we as Patriotic American citizens do? We are watching the destruction of our history, our justice system, our political system, and our way of life. We can rant and post about this stuff all day and it is not going to change ONE DAMN thing. True Americans are going to have to come up with a solution or just sign off now and wave good bye to everything we thought we had!

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