Who is Amnesty International and WHY did they dedicate this year’s Witch hunt to attacking President Trump?

Why is Amnesty International comparing our beloved President Donald J. Trump to Valdamir Putin and Rodrigo Duterte? You do not have to dig very deep to find out the answer to that.

Tony Cartalucci of Information Clearing House lays it out for all to see:

Mistakenly considered by many as the final word on human rights worldwide, it might surprise people to know that Amnesty International is in fact one of the greatest obstacles to real human rights advocacy on Earth.

Amnesty reiterates one of the biggest lies it routinely tells:

 “Amnesty International is funded mainly by its membership and public donations. No funds are sought or accepted from governments for investigating and campaigning against human rights abuses. Amnesty International is independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion.”

This is categorically false. Amnesty international is indeed funded and run by not only governments, but also immense corporate-financier interests, and is not only absolutely entwined with political ideology and economic interests, it is an essential tool used for perpetuating just such interests.

On Amnesty’s website it states: 

“The work carried out through Amnesty International’s International Secretariat is organised into two legal entities, in compliance with United Kingdom law.  These are Amnesty International Limited (“AIL”) and Amnesty International Charity Limited (“AICL”). Amnesty International Limited undertakes charitable activities on behalf of Amnesty International Charity Limited, a registered charity.”   

Amnesty International Limited, where ties to both governments and corporate-financier interests are kept. On page 11 of Amnesty International Limited’s 2011 Report and Financial Statement (.pdf) it states (emphasis added): 

“The Directors are pleased to acknowledge the support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Oak Foundation, Open Society Georgia Foundation, the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Programme, Mauro Tunes and American Jewish World Service. The UK Department for International Development (Governance and Transparency Fund) continued to fund a four-year human rights education project in Africa. The European Commission (EuropeAid) generously awarded a multi-year grant towards Amnesty International’s human rights education work in Europe.”

The American National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which is officially funded by the US Congress as part of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) budget, was also mentioned in earlier reports for 2008-2010

Soros funded Globalist American hating organization

Clearly then, Amnesty does take money from both governments and corporate-financier interests, one of the most notorious of which, Open Society, is headed by convicted financial criminal George Soros. In March, 2012, it was reported that a Bloomberg’s report, “Soros Loses Case Against French Insider-Trading Conviction,” indicated that an appeal based on a “human rights” violation against Wall Street speculator George Soros had been rejected by the “European Court of Human Rights.”

The Open Society Foundation of George Soros: A grant from this organization is aimed at supporting migrants, protecting them and saving them, and, in fact, facilitating their resettlement to Europe.

Open Society Foundation

Ordinary people are given the false impression that “someone is watching out” for human rights abuses, when in reality, all Amnesty and other organizations like it are doing, is managing public perception selectively of global human rights abuses, fabricating and/or manipulating many cases specifically to suit the agenda of large corporate-financier interests.

Here is a choice quote from the Trump Hating Fest?

Salil Shetty“On the political stage, perhaps the most prominent of many seismic events was the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA. His election followed a campaign during which he frequently made deeply divisive statements marked by misogyny and xenophobia, and pledged to roll back established civil liberties and introduce policies which would be profoundly inimical to human rights.” 

NOW, When you see Headlines like:

Trump set the tone for a year of ‘hate-filled rhetoric’, Amnesty says from CNN


Amnesty International Slams Trump’s ‘Hate-Filled Rhetoric’ from Huffington Post 

You will know EXACTLY who, why, and where, it is coming from.

Of course the left-wing, one world order, MSM will lap up and regurgitate their BS. That is, after all, how they earned their title: FAKE NEWS!!!

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