Atheists Tell Coach Not to Pray: 400 Students Take A Stand For God

The atheist group Freedom from Religion (scam name It is freedom OF religion not from) warned Georgia’s East Coweta High School that coaches better stop leading prayers before games. 400 students stood and bowed their heads for God.

When the East Coweta football team took to the field for a Friday night game, not only football players but hundreds of students bow their heads.

“Our students have done a great job and our students took it upon themselves to organize a prayer with our students in the stands before the game. Instead of it being 100 players praying, it turned into 400 students praying,” East Coweta coach John Small told the Christian Post. “That’s their right and we are going to support them in that.”

Coach John Small stated: “We are not allowed to be in the middle of it but we have a right to be there with our players. We don’t have to flee (the scene),” Small told the Christian Post.

“If my head is bowed, nobody can tell me what I am thinking. I am not leading the prayer. I am there supporting my kids. Whether I am praying or not, nobody can say I am or I ain’t.” 

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