Brutal Iranian Regime Turns on Women – Beats Female Protesters in Street [VIDEO &PHOTOS]

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The Iranian regime turned on women as they were brutally beaten in the streets. This is the regime Obama felt needed to be given billions of dollars. He catered to them as if they are some type of example to the world of Middle East goodness.

via Gateway Pundit

Anti-government protests were planned in dozens of Iranian cities today.

The protests continued well into the night in several Iranian cities.

The regime on Saturday reportedly murdered three protesters when they fired on protests in central Iran.

Also on Saturday the regime turned on female protesters.

Several women were left bloodied in the street.

Iranian activist Ahmed Batebi posted this photo on Sunday.
The brave Iranian woman’s face was injured by government repressive forces in the #IranianProtests against the dictatorship and mullahs corrupt regime.

This woman who was brave enough to remove the oppressive hijab was later arrested

Barack Obama gave the brutal Iranian regime billions of dollars in his bogus nuclear deal.

The regime used the money to fund terror in the region while the Iranian people continue to suffer.

Source Gateway Pundit



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