Censorship of conservatives at it’s finest Twitter Purged 100’s of Thousands in the Dark of night Dan Bongino hit

Twitter lockout #TwitterLockout

Well, in the dark of night, the way evil always likes to work, Twitter purged hundreds of thousands of followers from conservative accounts.

Of course, the MSM lie about it is that they were purging Russian bots. Of course this is a BS. They hit big names and small ones. Fox News contributor Dan Dongino was hit. They took away his ability to use Twitter Ads..Apparently in an effort to keep him from being able to sustain his following and content. 

Remember the Project Veritas undercover video where the Twitter employees admitted blocking Trump supporters?

Terrance K. Williams a VERY popular Black Conservative was also hit. They wiped out over 4000 of his followers. Needless to say he was upset.

They even hit Fox News Host Charles Payne of Making Money with Charles Payne

Of course the left is on Twitter laughing and thinking it is funny, calling Trump supporters Russian bots. Anyone else sick and tired of this Russia SHIT?!

But in an effort to fight back a campaign has started on Twitter for all Conservatives to follow one another and stay in contact

If you are a conservative and you want your voice..Head over to GAB.ai and make an account. Not everyone agree with each other over there but at least you can speak your mind without fear of censorship or deletion

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