Chinese News Coverage on DACA

We saw an unbelievable picture from a DACA parade in Arizona (Picture included below) So, we searched for more information about it and ran across the coverage it received on a Chinese news site.

We thought it was rather interesting to look at their take on the situation, so we translated the page and posted part of it below. 

It comes from the news site Continue reading their report below:


Heavy! The White House issued a major immigration reform program, one by one analysis of amnesty, building walls, relatives immigrants, drawing lots of green cards,

The first thing to emphasize is that this is only the White House’s immigration reform framework, far from being a law. The House of Representatives now has its own motion. In addition to passing the bill, the Senate has not even drafted a bill. To become a law, all three parties must agree with each other. Therefore, the final version (if it can be passed) may be beyond recognition.

But the White House’s reform framework is still very significant. It conveys the message that Trump will sign the bill if the House and Senate now pass the bill.


The immigration reform was drafted by veteran consultant Stephen Miller and Chief of Staff General Kelly. Both were hardliners, but this time they made major concessions in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčillegal immigrants’ amnesty, apparently for the support of Senate Democrats. The Republican Party does not have 60 votes. It takes almost 10 Democrats a chance to defeat the water.


However, it is hard to say whether the Democratic Party is buying it or not, and even hope can be slimmed out. And doing the deal with amnesty is likely to provoke conservatives in the House, and going through the House is a problem if Freedom Caucus stands out.


The White House has always been the four basic principles are:

  1. Amnesty DACA illegal immigration;
  2. U.S.-Mexican border construction
  3. Macross chain immigrants ;
  4. Cancel lottery green card.


The immigration reform framework announced today still follows the above principles, but there are changes in detail.

1. Amnesty DACA illegal immigrants


Rather than amnesty for 800,000 DACA, but amnesty 1.8 million “dream catcher”, more importantly, will allow them to apply for US citizenry in the future. About 10-12 years later, there is no criminal record, you can apply.

But will the Democrats cheer? No, because their goal is to amnesty 3.6 million or more.


Democrats demand not only amnesty, but also their parents, illegal immigrants who have children in the United States, and so on.


This is the most wonderful logic. Democrats themselves can not justify themselves. The only reason to support the DACA is that when they came to the United States, they were children whose parents violated the immigration laws rather than their children. But amnesty also requires democrats to include their parents. Not just said innocent, parents break the law yet?

Hard-liners in the Republican party demand one pardon, including the DACA. Many of these people, because they can not stand the unjust attitude of these illegal immigrants, not only do not feel grateful but also take it for granted.


This is a slogan in support of the DACA parade: free medical care, free housing, free food, no tax at work. America, you owe us! Without these freebies we’ll continue killing the police in Arizona.

shameful illegals DACA Parade Arizon

The other two days ago, illegal immigrants righted and blocked the entrance to Disneyland – something that probably only happened in the United States. 

Not only the United States is the largest receiving country of immigrants, and nearly 90% are relatives and refugees. The world can no longer find a second country.

If you want to read the rest of the article go HERE You will have to have Google Translate the page for you.

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