‘Citizenship Is a Privilege’ — ‘We Don’t Grant It to People Because They Think They Deserve It’[VIDEO]

Judge Jeanine Pirro U.S. Citizenship

Jeanine Pirro tells it like it is and on gaining U.S. citizenship is no exception.

“On her Saturday evening opening statement, Pirro responded to people who have scoffed at President Trump’s offer  to give amnesty to 1.8 million illegal immigrants in exchange for a border wall at the United States-Mexican border.

“Instead of being thankful, they’re being indignant,” Pirro said.

She added, “Citizenship is a privilege. We don’t grant it to people because they think they deserve it. What have you done for the United States? … I believe in the American dream. I don’t want anyone to take advantage of it, and I don’t want anyone to ruin it, especially people who are not grateful to be here, who seemingly hate us and call us racists. There needs to be an allegiance to the United States and what this country stands for.”


Source Breitbart

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