The Deal Schumer Rejected

We found this post on Facebook, not sure who the original poster was but they did a great job of laying out just how President Trump has boxed in the left with the Deal Schumer rejected ..we at Reload love it..

NOTE: This was written BEFORE the now famous Tweet where President Trump showed the world that the Democrats really couldn’t care less about the DACA “kids”.  However, all the elements of this post still apply, with the added topping of Trump’s unmasking of the Democrats real intentions.

Here’s the deal on the deal Chuck Schumer rejected:

President Trump has boxed in the left beautifully.

If you have any worry that President Trump is selling out his base, relax. Notice that Tom Cotton and Sonny Perdue are running point on this negotiation.

#1. Notice the timing of this out-of-the-blue offer by President Trump. Caught the left by surprise, while Schumer and company were still licking their wounds. Classic negotiation tactic, save your opponent before they slit their own throat and they will thank you.

2. While 800K is the number of DACA ‘kids’ we have been discussing, 1.8 million is the actual number who are eligible in this classification. By using the higher number, President Trump appears conciliatory and magnanimous, offering the left a way to save face. Brilliant strategy. Don’t beat your opponent so badly they cannot sign the contract.

3. We ALL know the entire 1.8 million will not register, they never do.
AND they will not be eligible to vote.
AND they have to come out of the shadow to be completely documented.
AND they have to live an extraordinary CLEAN life, no crime, for 10-12 years, otherwise – deported and IN-eligible.

3. By limiting ‘kids’ only, NOT parents, President Trump has utterly destroyed the left’s narrative that the left is the only one who is compassionate. Trump also forces the left to drop their mask of “the DACA kids came here through no fault of their own”, which means the parents ARE AT FAULT.
In other words, it’s obvious, the left wants the parents as well because they want the votes.
Motives of the left are revealed.

4. Understand, we are close to a point where the DACA ‘kids’ will champion Trump’s proposal (for pure self-interest) and protest the left (who stands in the way).
It’s hilarious.
Only President Trump could magically accomplish such a turn-around.

5. By shutting down 6/8 ways for immigration, President Trump cuts total immigration initially to Clinton levels, and eventually to Kennedy levels. We will go from 1 million a year to less than 250K a year.
Thank you President Trump.
This helps all American workers.

6. The left is again boxed in as they have bet everything on support for DACA but the left will not get the deal without border wall funding, which Trump pegged at 25 Billion dollars. We get our wall or there is no deal.

7. By supporting chain migration, the left can now be painted as “PRO-TERRORIST” for political purposes. Remember, almost every poll indicates the public is opposed to chain migration by 65-80%.
Dems are on the wrong side of chain migration.

8. By ending VISA lottery, President Trump, again, is with the VAST majority of voters. Merit based systems make sense. The Dems are standing on quicksand by defending a lottery system.

9. Again, the White House/Trump proposal is brilliant in asking for 25 billion for THE WALL AND for port security, border patrol, etc. In this way, the Dems can save face and claim they are funding port security. Of course, they are funding the wall as well. AND the 25billion trust fund ensures the wall will be built, and funds will not be taken away later.

10. If President Trump can ACTUALLY resolve immigration, something that has eluded politicians for 3 decades, he will be lauded as a great President. He will have accomplished the impossible.

11. President Trump also removes ‘immigration’ as a talking point for the 2018 election and beyond. This is incredible and do not underestimate the effect.

Now that the proposal is out:

Of course, the hard right collapses and over-reacts immediately. Thank you. We needed your outrage to prove or make the appearance that Trump was capitulating. You performed beautifully. This makes Trump appear as he is the rational compromiser, coming to the middle to seek a solution.

Notice how the left has reacted. Pelosi lost her mind. Other Dem leaders (and I use the term loosely), are foaming at the mouth, emotional, irrational, screaming, at the “UNFAIRNESS” of this deal, when Trump appears calm, magnanimous, and quite reasonable.

One of the MOST effective Alinsky tactics is to divide a group and turn them on each other.
President Trump has turned the DACA ‘kids’ on the rest of the illegal immigrants AND the Dem party.
It’s brilliant.

If you are thinking this is the final deal, don’t be ridiculous.
It was a shot across the bow, from President Trump.
If the President, or Tom Cotton/Sonny Perdue does not like something, they only have to walk away and let the clock run out.

And make no mistake, if the clock runs out on DACA, and the ‘kids’ are to be deported, the DEMS will be blamed for not taking this deal.

President Trump has the Democrats by the proverbial short-hair.


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