Delta CEO Tries to BACKPEDAL on Guns After Losing $50 Mil Tax Break

Delta NRA

Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian issued a statement to his employees on ending the NRA discount, explaining that it was done to “remain neutral” in the gun debate and that the company still supports the Second Amendment and The Constitution.

They want to stay “neutral” about a Constitutional right?? That is asinine, you are either for the Constitution or not. You don’t base your support of a God given, Constitutionally supported right because some left-wing haters throw a fit. 


From Washington Examiner

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian told his employees Friday that the company decided to end its discount for NRA members in order to “remain neutral” in the gun control debate.


“Our people and our customers have a wide range of views on how to increase safety in our schools and public places, and we are not taking sides,” Bastian wrote in his employee memo. “We are supporters of the 2nd Amendment, just as we embrace the entire Constitution of the United States.”

Delta had announced on Saturday that it would end its group travel discount for those traveling to the NRA’s annual meeting, and also asked for Delta’s name and logo from the NRA’s website.

As a result, Republican lawmakers in Georgia stripped a tax break for Delta out of the bill they were considering. The tax break was an exemption for jet fuel that was worth $50 million to Delta.

The airline has also come under criticism from pulling its discount for the NRA but continuing to donate to left-leaning organizations, including one that partners with Planned Parenthood.

Bastain said Delta is considering ending group discounts for any organization that is politically fueled or of divisive nature.

“We are in the process of a review to end group discounts for any group of a politically divisive nature,” Bastain wrote. “I know it is not comfortable to be caught in a highly emotional debate, and many of you have received questions from customers. We are at our best when we bring our customers and our world closer together. Hopefully, our decisions this week will serve this ultimate cause.”


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