Did Antifa Brag About Pouring Concrete On Train Tracks?


On Twitter and Red Elephant they are tweeting and reporting some odd things that Antifa has posted in the past about concrete on railroad tracks. You read and come to our own conclusion..

Whether or not they had anything to do with this is unknown, and they probably did not,  but to post this kind of stuff and then something in the area they talked about  happens…too bad for them either way

“In a post on the main website of Antifa called “It’s going down,” Antifa admitted to pouring concrete on train tracks to stop delivery of fracking equipment in Washington state.”


According to John Cardillo:

Though the account this was posted under is a parody account the screenshot they posted was NOT.

Today, a massive derailment occurred, and several deaths have been reported. The derailment occurred on an overpass in Washington state, with at least two train cars falling onto the highway below. Authorities say multiple fatalities and injuries have been reported. At this time, all southbound lanes of traffic remain blocked on Interstate 5.

Journalist Mike Cernovich and a few others are recalling the since deleted post by Antifa on their main website where they admitted openly about pouring the concrete on the tracks.  Here is the video report by Cernovich showing the post from the site…

Both Cernovich and John Cardillo are not saying that ANTIFA was involved, just pointing out past comments by them in case there needs to be investigations in that direction.


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Source Red Elephant, Mike Cernovich John Cardillo




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