Have you ever been polled about Trump by a professional polling company?

Trump polls

Until recently, the poll numbers from President Trump remain unreasonably low considering the remarkable uptick in the economy since he’s taken office.

So the question becomes, “who is actually being polled?”

All the “professional polls” issued by NBC, ABC, CNN, Politico, and more… all of them show the president with historically low approval ratings, some as low as 38%

Dennis Michael Lynch, like many of us, doesn’t trust these so-called polls. SO, he did one of his on. As of today here are the results:

DML Poll

“The Deplorables” is a Facebook group with over 470,000 members. Recently a post was made asking how many “Deplorables” have ever been polled. Currently there are 11,700 responses, of those, less than FIFTY (50) appear to have EVER been legitimately polled!

No one at Reload has ever been polled, we can’t find anyone we know who has, So who are these people that they supposedly poll?

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