Far Left Site Owned By Univision Calling on US Companies To Do What? AirBNB First To Do It??

A far-left website owned by Univision is calling on US corporations to defy federal laws and keep DACA recipients employed once their work permits expire.

In a piece entitled, ‘What DACA Recipients Really Need Is for Their Bosses to Break the Law,’ published on Univision’s pet project Splinter, Jorge Rivas called for companies to engage in a massive civil disobedience against enforcing America’s borders.

Rivas wrote that “if young, undocumented immigrants can put their livelihoods on the line and practice civil disobedience, then corporations who have reaped the benefits of their bravery—and who have far more power, money and legal resources than DACA recipients—can do it, too.”

“If many corporations big and small stand up and do this, that’s how social change is created,” Bill Ong Hing, an immigration law professor at the University of San Francisco, was quoted as saying.

Even companies that have issued statements in support of DACA were not spared from being called out by the outlet.

“These statements are nice things to say, and that’s about it. They’re nothing more than symbolic declarations. Virtually none of these companies are promising to stick their necks out in a meaningful way for their undocumented workers,” Rivas wrote.

The author noted that AirBnb, who has been barring people from using their service for holding right wing political beliefs, was the first to vow to break the law concerning illegal immigrants.

“So far only one company, Airbnb, has publicly pledged to defy federal laws and keep DACA recipients employed once their work permits expire. Airbnb confirmed the policy, first reported by The Guardian, but a spokesperson declined to say how many DACA recipients the company employed,” Rivas wrote. Is Ali is a victim of AIRBNB’s political manuevering?

@ali is a black political activist who describes himself on Twitter as:

Despite the fact he has a perfect record with AirBNB stays they have decided to cancel his account


If you look at the pattern of AirBNB’s donations to political parties, you can begin to see why they are making these outrageous and seemingly prejudiced moves.

In November, the outlet also ran a piece entitled “BAN ICE,” which referred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement as “loathsome” and “rotten to the core.”

I for one will NEVER use the AirBNB service again. This kind of political harassment and discrimination does NOT belong in American businesses. 

DACA was unconstitutional from the start and should never have been allowed to poison our immigration laws Perhaps people need to be reminded of that daily.

This young man can help.



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