Father Defends Family and Kills Robber After Family Threatened at Gunpoint


A father was eating at a Popeye’s restaurant with his family when a  thief threatened the man’s family at gunpoint and demanded the dad’s belongings.

San Antonio Police Department said Ander Herrera, 19  demanded Carlos Molina, 32, hand over his cash.

Having just bought the family a meal he had no money on him.  The robber than turned started yelling at a manager who was trying to take cover, FOX29 reported.

About that time two of Molina’s family member exited the restroom and the robber turn and pointed the gun at them.

That is when Molina pulled his gun, which he had a conceal carry permit for, and shot and killed Herrera.

Officers said they believe Molina fired at Herrera in defense of a third person. It is not clear if charged will be filed.

Had Molina not shot, he could have two or more dead family members right now. Thankfully he was able to exercise his Second Amendment rights and defend his family

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