Finally Some Common Sense: Trump Admin Launches Campaign to End Extended-Family Immigration into U.S.


“In a new campaign, the Trump administration is looking to educate the American public on the issue of mass, legal immigration while also pressuring Republicans in Congress—such as House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell—to end the process by which new immigrants are currently allowed to bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives with them to the U.S.

This process, known more simply as “chain migration,” has imported more than 9 million foreign nationals to the U.S. just in the last decade, Breitbart News reported.”

Below are several pictures that illustrate and explain the impact of chain migration on Americans the White House has released. This practice has NEVER made sense from an economical OR safety standpoint. Especially in the times we live in today, this practice needs to come to a screeching halt NOW!  





“Over the past ten years, these countries have sent the following number of chain migrants to the U.S.:

  • 600,000 from India
  • 600,000 from the Phillippines
  • 500,000 from China
  • 177,000 from Pakistan

Chain migration has additionally allowed foreign relatives living in countries designated as state-sponsors of terrorism, such as Iran, Syria, and Sudan, to freely come to the U.S.

In total, chain migration has imported more than 117,000 foreign nationals from these three terrorist-funding countries since 2005, Breitbart News reported, including:

  • More than 80,000 Iranian nationals
  • Nearly 30,000 Syrian nationals
  • More than 8,000 Sudanese nationals”


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