WHAT?? Florida School Security Cameras on 20-Minute delay?? Following Shooter on a 20 minute delay?!?[VIDEO]

Florida School’s video cameras were REWOUND 20 minutes, causing a delay in capturing the shooter? How many things can go wrong with this whole episode without making a person scratch their head and ask what is going on???

Police officers responding to last week’s Florida school shooting thought they were tracking Nikolas Cruz live on surveillance video — but then realized the footage was delayed by nearly 30 minutes because it was rewound, tossing roadblocks into the frantic efforts to capture the 19-year-old shooting suspect.

Let’s see how many we have so far:

Cop with a gun stays outside.

The FBI did not act on tips about this kid, one of which they received in JANUARY

There were 39 calls out to that house with no intervention

The school never expelled him?

Several students on video saying more than one shooter-Watch those HERE

Weird video interview taken hours ahead of actually shooting- Watch that HERE

FIRE drill (not an active shooter drill) earlier that day repeated by MANY MANY children for MANY hours on live TV 

A UBER driver that isn’t in the picture. 

The same kids paraded around the MSM to spout gun control- But students with a different opinion not allowed to speak-Watch that HERE

Cameras are “rewound” so the shooter is followed on a 20-minute delay

LISTEN as the cops talk about this 20-minute delay with the security cameras

Recording source Fox News

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