Former Fort Carson commanding general punished for calling staffer ‘sweetheart’


“A two-star general who recently headed the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson was denied a promotion to three-star after referring to a congressional staffer as “sweetheart” during a meeting in 2016.

That’s according to military news outlet Stars and Stripes, which reports that Maj. Gen. Ryan Gonsalves was administratively reprimanded after an investigation into the incident. His specific punishment, aside from being denied the promotion to lieutenant general, wasn’t released by the Army.


It stems from a meeting in October 2016 between Gonsalves and office staff with Rep. Jim Langevin (D-Rhode Island) at Fort Carson. According to a report, Gonsalves called a female staffer “sweetheart,” and commented on her age.

According to a report from the Army Inspector General, Gonsalves also told the staffer to take notes “since she was a Democrat and did not believe in funding the military,” 

Some staffers called Gonsalves’ comments sexist, though others stood up for him as a professional. 

Perhaps we need a clearer meaning of sexual harassment. It is not just something you don’t like, it needs to have intent, and continue after the person is told, please do not say or do that again. 

A complaint wasn’t immediately filed about the exchange. However, Stars and Stripes reports that an anonymous complaint to the Army IG was made after reports surfaced that Gonsalves was up for a promotion to three-star general. 

The fact that a complaint was not filed UNTIL this man was up for promotion should have been enough to end the whole mess right there.

Gonsalves had testified that he didn’t call the staffer “sweetheart,” but the IG report says evidence didn’t support “his recollection.”

The Army IG recommended the report go to a Judge Advocate General for future action.”

Colorado Springs resident Ken Boardman shared his thoughts. 

“The whole world would have been thrown in jail based on the new standard. I think we’ve gone to the extreme. I think there are cases [where this would be appropriate] but now, you’re guilty until you’re proven innocent,” said Boardman. 

Mr. Boardman could not be more correct. Instead of actually wanting to stop real sexual harassment, this accusatorial  wave has become nothing more than a political hit tool.

Good and decent people are having their lives ruined in a he said, she said, whirlwind of unproven accusations. 

If everyone that called someone else sweetheart or baby, including both men and women who use that phrase, were labeled as sexist, where the heck would we be?

Enough of this life ruining BS just because you don’t like a person, their politics, or the way they speak. There is a thing called dialect, learn it.

For instance, all throughout the South it is VERY common to be called one of these names and it is not meant in a sexist way. 

Let’s get back to reality and stop the schoolyard bullying that “sexual harassment” accusations have become.

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