Four Recent Cases Show How There Is No Justice For Victims

Is injustice the New American Way?

It is a sad state of affair we have let this country deteriorate into. I am not sure where we are headed as a country, but if these stories are any indication…God help us all

From The American Thinker

“Kate Steinle in 2015 was shot and killed while visiting a San Francisco tourist attraction. Illegal alien Juan Francisco López Sánchez admitted to shooting Kate, claiming that it was an accident.  Jurors did not find him guilty of murder – not even involuntary manslaughter. Although Kate’s family lost her forever, Sanchez will serve a sentence only from sixteen months to three years.

Ahmed Abu Khatallah was convicted of being the mastermind terrorist behind the Benghazi attack in September 2012 but was found innocent of murdering the four Americans killed there. Kris “Tanto” Paronto, one of the surviving heroes of Benghazi, said on America’s Newsroom, “To allow a terrorist to have due process and to be covered under our Constitution is completely ridiculous.”

It is interesting that both López and Khatallah are not citizens of this country but are allowed to get the same protections as if they were citizens.

How can someone be a mastermind, obviously planning the terrorist act, and not be subject to the punishment of murder when four Americans died in the course of that act?  

Bergdahl in 2009 walked off a U.S. military outpost in Afghanistan.  He later pleaded guilty to charges of desertion and misbehavior.  Although he faced a maximum life sentence, he will not serve any time.

Too bad the same cannot be said for those who suffered grim injuries in the search for Bergdahl.  James Hatch, a Navy SEAL, was shot in the leg, and a military dog was killed.  Soldier Mark Allen suffered a horrific injury, shot in the head and totally paralyzed.

JAG prosecutor Major Justin Oshana said it best: “Sergeant Bergdahl can tell someone where his pain is. Master Sergeant Allen cannot[.] … [I]t wasn’t a mistake – it was a crime.”  Allen faces his own prison, unable to walk and talk.

Mike Toussaint, Navy Seal still haunted by Bergdahl “rescue” mission Read his sad story HERE 

Disgraceful payout to Bergdahl possible

Sarah Sims was facing felony charges.  She tried to protect her nine-year-old child from bullying by having the girl take a tape recorder to her school in Norfolk, Virginia and record the bullies.  This was after reaching out to the school’s administrators a number of times.  School officials found and confiscated the device, which had been in her daughter’s desk recording the school day.

What all these cases show is the complete disregard for victims and their families.  It appears that the judge and jury were looking for any excuse to allow the perpetrator to be given a lesser sentence and not to take responsibility.  For all these cases, Kate’s father, Jim Steinle, summed it up: “We’re just shocked – saddened and shocked[.] … [T]hat’s about it[.] … There’s no other way you can coin it.  Justice was rendered, but it was not served.””

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