Freedom is Dying Everywhere- Trump’s Reach Blocked-Marine Le Pen charged over IS photos[A Need To Read Post]

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Nothing is ever free, and that applies to our three very important freedoms more than just about anything: Freedom of speech, expression and the right to bear arms. If anyone thinks that the globalist agenda will just let everyone keep these freedoms, they are sadly mistaken. These will have to be preserved through the efforts of patriots.

Below are examples of the creeping in of the globalist thought-shaping, mind-altering world destroying agenda.

French prosecutors filed preliminary charges Thursday against far-right leader Marine Le Pen for tweeting brutal images of Islamic State violence, in a new blow to a woman long seen as the face of Europe’s anti-immigrant populism.

The prosecutor’s office in the Paris suburb of Nanterre said the charges were issued Thursday for “distribution of violent images.” If the case eventually reaches trial and she’s convicted, Le Pen could face up to three years in prison and 75,000 euros ($90,000) in fines.

Le Pen’s December 2015 tweets showed executions by ISIS extremists, including the killing of American reporter James Foley. She posted them in the wake of the November 2015 IS attacks on Paris, as she accused the government of not doing enough to protect France. via Yahoo News

Charged for showing the truth. Someone doesn’t like the truth. Welcome to the New World where you can only think, say, do, and believe what someone else tells you. Do you think this won’t happen in America? Sorry to tell you IT ALREADY IS!  Do we think if  Facebook, Twitter and Google are allowed to shape our world view that somehow it will all be okay, it will all work out? It WILL be okay, if you are on-board with a one world order, socialist agenda that control all aspects of your life.

If that is not the world we want to live in, we better find a way to stop it from happening. We here at Reload do not have the answer, we just know that as a country we better come up with one before it’s too late.

Look at just a couple high profile cases of the way Facebook and Twitter are controlling everything you see, say and do..

Donald Trump: Trump’s Facebook Engagement Declined By 45 Percent Following Algorithm Change

In a comment to Breitbart News, Facebook appeared to acknowledge that their algorithm change might have caused Trump’s engagement numbers to fall. A Facebook representative highlighted the following section of their post announcing the algorithm change:

Trump Facebook reach engagement

“Pages may see their reach, video watch time and referral traffic decrease. The impact will vary from Page to Page, driven by factors including the type of content they produce and how people interact with it.”

Facebook’s algorithm change came after a year of pressure from the mediapoliticians, and employees inside Facebook following the election of Donald Trump. Facebook was accused of helping Trump win the election, spreading Russian propaganda and fake news, and creating partisan echo chambers.

When compared to high-profile Democratic political figures, Trump’s engagement appears to have been hit particularly badly. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders do not appear to have suffered a comparable decline in Facebook engagement. Breitbart

Bill Mitchell: Mitchell is a huge Trump Supporter on Twitter and the host of Your Voice America

Like the rest of us, big and small, Mitchell is having his reach and engagement blocked, or shadow banned as they call it. He posted this on Twitter, which we would have never seen had we not went directly to his page and read his posts. Even though we follow each other his tweets NEVER show up.

Bill Mitchell Shadow Banned Reach Engagement

Of course other big Conservative names are seeing the same thing happen. Reload is also experiencing this, as we posted on Facebook recently:

Reload Reach 

The monopoly that the Big 3 have on speech and opinion has to change. 


Without the freedom to express opinions, believe and say what you think, and be exposed to things you do not agree with, there is no freedom. Only an orchestrated existence where you play your part and keep your mouth shut, unless what you utter agrees with your overlords.

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