Give Us Our Country Back Please [VIDEO]

We were watching an old TV series and the Thanksgiving episode came on. All I could think was, “Lord please give us back our country”

The show ended like this:”

We prayed for Donald Trump to win, and he must have been sent by God because the hounds of hell are after him unlike anything we have ever witnessed. 

Donald Trump Praying Country

They shroud themselves in self-righteousness and proclaim to be great moral judges. But in reality, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing seeking whom they may devour.

Right now they have one prey in mind and it is America’s only hope, President Trump. 

For everyone who wants their country back and prayed for Donald Trump to win: God did his part, He gave us the one we prayed for, now it is on us.

We have theee years left to turn this country around, back to the principles it was founded on.

America was founded as a Judeo-Christian Nation. God gave us a leader for the cause:

Bringing America back to it’s original founding principles.

It is up to us to do more than sit back and watch the wolves devour our leader. 

We don’t have decades to fix this mess. We need to get motivated to get out from in front of the computer and out in the streets, if that is what it takes. 

Christian Country

We need to show the “resistance” and the world that we support our leader and WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY into that “good” night they are trying to banish America into.


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