Graham The Globalist -Echoing Germany’s Merkle in his attack on Stephen Miller [VIDEO]

When you listen to this blathering nincompoop one word comes to mind-Globalist. If you follow his line of thinking on this one sentence you end up like Germany. ” We’re a declining population..”

This is exactly what Merkle used as Germany’s excuse to flood their country with anyone willing to walk there. Now look what Germany has become.

Germany’s population is declining, and this will likely pose economic problems, particularly when it comes to maintaining the nation’s lavish welfare state.  What should be done?

According to Chancellor Angela Merkel—indeed liberals everywhere—the solution is immigration.  Immigrants will replace the children Germans never had, and will pay for their healthcare and pensions as old age sets in.  This is the logic, anyways. NEE

Watch as Graham stealthy slips that into his attack on Stephen Miller

Come on South Carolina..Do your part to save America. When the times comes get to the polls and elect a REAL American loving senator

Photo via infowars

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