Hamas co-founder dies after accidentally shooting himself in face, militant group says

Hamas shoot self face

A co-founder of the terror group Hamas died Tuesday, three weeks after accidentally shooting himself in the face while cleaning his weapon, an official said.

Imad al-Alami, 62, was “examining his personal weapon in his home” Jan. 9 when the gun went off and a bullet struck him in the face, Hamas said.

He had been hospitalized in Gaza until his death, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Well seems this happened awhile back and they are just now calling him dead

Hamas initially announced al-Alami died of natural causes, dispelling rumors he’d committed suicide or was murdered. However, the group later admitted an accident had actually caused al-Alami’s death.

Al-Alami held several key posts as a member of Hamas’ policy-making body and lived in Syria until 2012. He remained a top-ranking official, though not a member of the militant outfit’s current staff.


Source Fox News

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