The Handmaid of Evil Speaks-Soros Telling EU Regulators: Suppress Opinions!

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The Guardian, which gave a voice to this would be society destroyer, George Soros, wants people with opposing views voices to be shut-up.  It’s okay if HE spouts off his one world order,socialist agenda, but no one else should be able to promote their ideas or views.

In an  article for the Guardian he claimed the size of social media firms made them a “public menace” and argued they had led people to vote against globalist causes, including electing President Donald J. Trump,

He went on to compare OUR Freedom loving President to the dictator in North Korea:

Not only is the survival of open society in question; the survival of our entire civilisation is at stake. The rise of leaders such as Kim Jong-un in North Korea and Trump in the US have much to do with this. 

He titled his propaganda piece: Only the EU can break Facebook and Google’s dominance.

Soros is not worried about Facebook or Google’s dominance in terms of freedom to think on your own, he is worried because it gives a voice for ALL to speak so people truly can think and choose what to believe ON THEIR OWN.

Remember, we already know from this Former Black Lives Matter Leader that Soros and Clinton were behind the violence

In this Guardian article, he wrote that social media can “influence how people think and behave without them even being aware of it” and “this interferes with the functioning of democracy and the integrity of elections”. 

Yet he has his nose and his money right in the middle of the free thinking Brexit movement. Soros has pumped half a million pounds into groups trying to block Brexit and overthrow the Tory government.

Soros has been convicted of insider trading and is also suspected of attempting to interfere in U.S. elections. His name came up about 60 times in emails released by WikiLeaks relating to the recent presidential race. (Breitbart)

Soros fancies himself a god and is on record saying as much;

Soros thinks he is god

No, Soros doesn’t care about people being able to see all sides and make a choice, he is AFRAID people will see all sides and make a choice.


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