Harry Reid Says He ‘Did What Was Necessary’ By Lying About Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

“Outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday that he “did what was necessary” in 2012 when he falsely accused Mitt Romney of not having paid his taxes for 10 years.”

During a speech on Aug. 2, 2012, after Romney had become GOP candidate for president, Reid claimed that a source had informed him that the former Massachusetts governor had not paid taxes for 10 years.

Reid produced no evidence to back up his claim at the time, and his statement was widely denounced as a lie by fact-checkers and other political observers at the time.

This is not the first time that the Nevada Democrat has refused to acknowledge that his comments were baseless.

In an interview with CNN last year, he suggested that his statement was warranted because it was effective.

“Romney didn’t win, did he?” he told CNN’s Dana Bash.

And in an interview with The Washington Post in September, Reid said that lying about Romney’s taxes on the Senate floor was “one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Is this their justification for all their nasty political actions? Make a statement that smears your opponent, with zero evidence, and say, we “did what was necessary”, X didn’t win, did they?

The Roy Moore allegations fit this narrative, throw out claims that can’t be disproved and destroy people’s reputation and lives to hang on to political power. If there was ever a case for term limits it is this era of falsehoods and outright lies, coupled with a leftist media who promote the lies as real. We go one further, not only should there be term limits, anyone who has held an office should be banned  from any future public political involvement for a period of at least 10 years.


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