MORE HATE CRIME? Black Man Caught Defacing His Own Car With Racist Graffiti!

Yet again another faked “hate crime” but it’s worse than someone faking a criminal event. This man vandalized his own vehicle and proceeded to post pictures of his actions on social media to stir up attention about a FAKE hate crime. Now he WILL NOT be charged with anything! Why you may ask? Because according to Riley County Police Department Director Brad Schoen and Riley County Attorney Barry Wilkerson, “it would not be in the best interests of the citizens who comprise the Manhattan community,”

How is that possible? So in their way of thinking is it in the “best interest” of the community not to prosecute crimes that stir up hate and could possibly lead to violence?? These people must be reading from the “Don’t Ever Make Hillary Pay For Her Crimes” manual

“The fake hate crime images quickly blew up all over Twitter….Somehow I doubt the corrected news exposing his hoax will spread as fast.”

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