Hey America! WTF!! Are we letting kids bully us out of our rights? [VIDEO]

Children being used as leftist mouthpieces people afraid to say anything

We are seeing it all over the left-wing Fake News networks, websites and social media outlets, kids being used as weapons against Americans rights. The left thinks they have found their panacea that will shut people up..Children.. 

OH the audacity of the Right!!, You are not allowed to question the integrity of a CHILD!!! Everyone KNOWS children can’t be used, manipulated, or paraded around for someones elses  benefit or cause! Children are as pure as the driven snow!!

Give me a break! Is this what it has come to?? The left has decided they can use CHILDREN to take away our rights?

They think they can bully us and degrade us for dare questioning the utterances of the prepubescent. After all, these children have unwavering authority over EVERYTHING. They are all-knowing and full of life experiences, they have earned the right to dictate what the rest of America is going to be allowed to think, do, and have. 

CNN is at the forefront of this “USE THE CHILDREN” campaign, their scripted Townhall excluded any child that would not toe the anti-gun line. Here is a video f Colton Haab who refused to attend when he was told he would have to use THEIR scripted questions and words.

How did we get to this upside down way of thinking, of accepting it out of fear of retaliation. As American patriots, will we stand by and let these wet behind the ears children, dictate our rights?

Friends, we are staring down the barrel of a socialist takeover of America. They have already taken over the schools, MSM, Hollywood, Social Media sites, they try, with uncanny success, to control the words they allow us to say, the thoughts we are allowed to express, the beliefs that are acceptable for us to have….What’s left to fight with against this freedom grab that is going on? To be sure, it is not just one freedom-the right to bear arms-it is MANY freedoms….The only thing left is our guts, the guts to stand up against it, that is it!

It is time to stop worrying what the media or others, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN, say about our freedoms and our constitutional rights. This is no time for pussies and wimps!

The next thing you might be asking yourself, like we did is: How did we get to this point?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions(or were they REALLY good intentions?) 

Without trying to pinpoint how this situation evolved, there are certain events and trends that have helped get us here:

Public Education overtaken by the socialist-leftist agenda

Actress Sam Sorbo and wife of  “Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo, a homeschooling mother remarked passionately: “You people who send your kids to school, you have no idea what the

schools are doing to their fresh little brains, in brainwashing them into this progressive, liberal — it’s antithetical to America, the agenda that they’re being indoctrinated with.” “Why are

we brainwashed into believing that an institution is the best place for our children to hang out all day?” she asked. “Who wrote that law?”

Public Education taking the place of parenting

“Thank God school starts next week, these kids are driving me crazy!” How many time have you heard that?

(Why did you have children?)

Teachers are not substitute parents. Repeat after me: teachers are not responsible for the bits parents miss out.

News.com.au reports:

Parents are shirking the responsibility of disciplining their kids, turning teachers into makeshift mums and dads.

And the stresses are showing, with nearly half of teachers surveyed admitting they had considered resigning over the past 12 months.

Educators say parents have become too fixated on being “friends” with their children, and are increasingly neglecting their duty to enforce boundaries.

The “children have to have their every whim satisfied” syndrome: 

Let’s start with the basics. Your kids have one main job. If they adequately perform the duties necessitated by that job, us parent will typically give them all they could possibly want.

That job is to SATISFY their parents. The only problem is that kids don’t know that’s their job. Us parents are so busy considering a wide variety of factors, that we don’t make this job

clear to our kids. In fact, most kids think it’s their parents job to satisfy the kids because our love makes us cater to their every whim. Once it is clear to kids that a kid’s job is to satisfy

their parents, it is easy and straightforward for kids to earn privileges, it’s a joke. Parents really want to be satisfied and thus, most of us are, if anything, to easy on our kids. Daniel A. Bochner Ph.D.

Letting children rule the roost at home:

“It sounds simplistic, but many parents gradually give away their sense of power to their little ones without really noticing that’s what they are doing,” Tiredness makes it difficult to think clearly

and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by your children’s demands when you’re trying to do the best you can for them. “It is a rude awakening to discover that you have given all the power over to

an infant under the age of one,” says Helen Williams, the managing director and a family counselor at Lifeworks Counselling and Development.

Give instructions rather than ask questions

We’re used to speaking to people politely, suggesting they might want to do things and approaching subjects tentatively. It’s important to remember that children are not adults and if there’s

something you need them to do, it should not be posed as a question. For example, instead of saying: “Would you like lunch now?”, say: “It’s lunchtime now, would you like soup or a sandwich?”

Do not waver

It’s not easy at first, but consistency pays off in the long-term. If you say it’s dinner time, that means it is dinner time. There shouldn’t be one more episode of Peppa Pig, or another five minutes

playing with the fire engine, or your child will expect this every evening.

The “do not spank your child” disease It goes without saying you don’t beat them..not even going to go down that PC rabbit hole

Research suggests  children who are spanked by their parents may grow up to be happier and more successful than those spared physical discipline.

Youngsters spanked up to the age of six did better at school and were more optimistic about their lives than those never spanked by their parents.

They were also more likely to undertake voluntary work and keener to attend university, experts discovered.

Last but not least, Removing God and a Moral compass from the public venue

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.” Ephesians 61:3

School God Statistic children

This is by no means a complete list or a timeline, but without a doubt these things have helped pave the road to perdition.

I am surprised this writer was allowed to post their opinion on the liberal Huffington Post but she points out a few more things that helped get us to this point

By Christine Gross-Loh

The eager new mom offering her insouciant toddler an array of carefully arranged healthy snacks from an ice-cube tray?

That was me.

The always-on-top-of-her-child’s-play parent intervening during play dates at the first sign of discord?

That was me too.

12 years of parenting, over five years of living on and off in Japan, two years of research, investigative trips to Europe and Asia and dozens of interviews with psychologists, child development experts, sociologists, educators, administrators and parents in Japan, Korea, China, Finland, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, Brazil and elsewhere have taught me that though parents around the world have the same goals, to raise self-reliant, self-assured, successful children. American parents like me (despite our very best intentions) have gotten it all backwards.


We need to let 3-year-olds climb trees and 5-year-olds use knives.

Imagine my surprise when I came across a kindergartener in the German forest whittling away on a stick with a penknife. His teacher, Wolfgang, lightheartedly dismissed my concern: “No one’s ever lost a finger!”

Children can go hungry from time-to-time.

In Korea, eating is taught to children as a life skill and as in most cultures, children are taught it is important to wait out their hunger until it is time for the whole family to sit down together and eat.

 All children eat the same things that adults do, just like they do in most countries in the world with robust food cultures.

Why it’s better: In stark contrast to our growing child overweight/obesity levels, South Koreans enjoy the lowest obesity rates in the developed world

Instead of keeping children satisfied, we need to fuel their feelings of frustration.

The French, as well as many others, believe that routinely giving your child a chance to feel frustration gives him a chance to practice the art of waiting and developing self-control.

Why it’s better: Studies show that children who exhibit self-control and the ability to delay gratification enjoy greater future success.

Children should spend less time in school.

IMO they should never step foot in a public school


Children in Finland go outside to play frequently all day long. “I could not teach unless the children went outside every 45 minutes!” says the Finnish teacher.

The Finnish model of education includes a late start to academics (children do not begin any formal academics until they are 7 years old), frequent breaks for outdoor time, shorter school hours and more variety of classes

Why it’s better: American school children score in the middle of the heap on international measures of achievement, especially in science and mathematics. Finnish children, with their truncated time in school, frequently rank among the best in the world.

Children need to feel obligated.

In America, as our kids become adolescents, we believe it’s time to start letting them go and giving them their freedom. We want to help them be out in the world more and we don’t want to burden them with family responsibilities. In China, parents do the opposite: the older children get, the more parents remind them of their obligations.

The cultural ideal of not letting adolescents go but of reminding them of their responsibility to the family and the expectation that their hard work in school is one way to pay back a little for all they have received, helps their motivation and their achievement.

Even more surprising: It was found that the same holds for Western students here in the US: adolescents who feel responsible to their families tend to do better in school.

So basically, America has allowed a lot of her children to become, over-privileged, overweight, under disciplined, under-obligated and entitled.






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  1. So true – excellent article – it just shows us that when you start sparing the rod – how quickly within a generation of two we end up with a society of children/adults that only know how to stand there with their hand stick out.

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