Hollywood leftists freak out, call for boycotts of Facebook — Said nothing when Obama used site to win election

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Jim Carrey, Rosie O’Donnell and other Hollywood leftists blew a gasket over news that Cambridge Analytica legally used Facebook data to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election and are now demanding federal regulation and boycotts.

According to Breitbart :

Carrey — who regularly attacks President Donald Trump and members of his administration — was just one of several celebrities criticizing Facebook and Zuckerberg after reports that the platform shared personal data of 50 million of its users with third-party entities, and allowed former Obama presidential campaign staffers to harvest Facebook users’ personal information.

“Screw u mark zuck #deleteFACEBOOK,” wrote Rosie O’Donnell in a tweet.


As Rush Limbaugh stated on his show:

This little Zuckerberg did everything the left asked him to do! He turned over his whole database to the Obama campaign. He did everything to get Hillary elected!

But now because a Trump unit found a way to legally use Facebook data, Zuckerberg is considered a traitor because where social media is concerned, folks, the left owns it. Social media, Silicon Valley, is the exclusive property, the exclusive political property of the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media and the American left. And the rage over the fact that Trump’s team, Cambridge Analytica, figured out a way to leverage Facebook data into contributing to their election victory, this angers them almost as much as losing the election!

He added:

“The other thing to remember, is even if the allegations are true, all Cambridge Analytica did was violate a technicality of Facebook’s rules. That’s the worst they could’ve done here, because the data was originally obtained legitimately according to Facebook, and Facebook has many many tools for people to use data to target specific demographics, to microtarget ads, and the Trump campaign’s been open about using those tools. So I’m not sure why you’d even need to obtain data illegitimately from Facebook, because Facebook gives it to third parties, gives it to commercial entities… on a regular basis.”

Yes they are ALL hypocrites, no care if Obama and Hillary did the same exact thing in FACT the knew Obama was doing it and they HELPED HIM 

I could care less if the socialist, left-wing mouthpiece, censoring of ideas, Facebook goes down, but the hypocrisy is laughable.


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