HUGE VIDEO EVIDENCE: MUST WATCH David Hogg, Son of FBI agent caught on video “interviewing” student about shooting 4 HOURS ahead of Actual Shooting

David Hogg Hoax School Shooting Gun Rights

Okay this is the MOST damning evidence against this kid, this shooting, this whole gun control hysteria.

Watch and notice at 56 secs in He states he is recording at 9:32 BUT the shooting took place at 2:19 PM

At 2:02 in the video the girl states she texted her sisters, “Shooting at my school. I am safe” 

The heavily armed man, identified as Nikolas Cruz, 19, arrived at the school in an Uber at 2:19 p.m., shortly before dismissal time. He made his way “purposefully” toward the freshman building, said a police report released Thursday. via NYTimes



Early today we posted this video of David Hogg stammering and messing up his lines in an interview


Something is VERY VERY Rotten in Denmark!

From THIS news story

“Richard Doan didn’t think much of the blare of the fire alarm when it went off Wednesday afternoon.

It had gone off once earlier that day already, and only 30 minutes stood between the 17-year-old senior and school dismissal.

Even as he stepped out of his Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School class and heard people yell about a shooting, he still wasn’t concerned.

Rumors were going around about an active shooter drill, after all.” 

This implies there had NOT been an active shooter drill just continues:

When he made it outside, he heard the screams: Run. Go back.

He turned back around and ran to the classroom he had left. His teacher shoved him into the corner of the closet with 18 others , where they stood for about an hour, waiting. On their phones, they scrolled through social media feeds to see what was happening outside. Then, they read the local news reports. A shooting. A lockdown.

So, NO active shooter drill seems to have taken place and Doan THOUGHT this drill might be it, but instead went out into an actual “active shooter” incident. If you are to believe all these reports

That seems to about cover anyone saying this kid is videoing during a “drill” doesn’t it?

Another account from the New Yorker of the first drill being ONLY a fire drill:

There was a fire drill at Stoneman Douglas on Wednesday, during second period, Taylor recalled. When the fire alarm rang out again, during fourth period, she was confused.




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  2. He was “in a closet” interviewing the classmate. He even says so in the video so the dark has nothing to do with what time it is.

  3. Where is the video that goes with the kids 932 comment and why is it omitted from this compilation? We would like to see it to put the 932 comment into proper context.

  4. I Want To See Every Yearbook With His Pic IN It Since His Freshman Year. If it was planned before hand they could slip a pic in a year ago.

  5. They have removed his profile at Redondo Shores High school from classmates. They are systematically removing the posts that show him for what he is. He is an Antifa activist, crisis actor& definitely not a student of this Florida school as he graduated in 2015. (His father is a former FBI agent & mom works at CNN) They’re trying to make it look like RUSSIA did it. If you can please save any posts you can about him via screenshots or save videos to your computer. They are driving the narrative people. It’s not the truth.

  6. He doesn’t appear to be suffering from trauma. I have PTSD, and I know trauma well. He does appear to be calm and collective. Very strange for a “victim” of a traumatic event. Do you agree? Is he the 2nd shooter? Perhaps he masterminded this entire plot to become famour OR he’s David Andrew Hogg, 26, from Punta Gorda Florida, only 3hours away from the school shooting!

  7. Look, I think a lot about this is very strange, fishy. Evil. But how do you know this was recorded 4 hours earlier? By saying 9:32 he could have meant PM. 9:32 PM. The first girl we see is in a darkened room. The 2nd girl – isn’t seen; only heard.

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