Hungarian Parliamentarian Photo: Soros is ‘like a dead pig’



“A lawmaker from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ruling party posted a photo of a dead pig on Facebook with a partially veiled reference to billionaire George Soros, who said the government was using Nazi-era propaganda tools to spew hate.

The photo, which Fidesz lawmaker Janos Pocs said was sent to him by someone from his electoral district, shows people standing over a slain and charred pig, with “O VOLT A SOROS!!!” inscribed on the animal. The phrase could translate either as “It was his turn” or as “This was Soros.”

“One pig less over there,” Pocs commented on Facebook Friday. “Bon appetit!”

Budapest-based news website states the “inscription has nothing to do with the billionaire…”

The Open Society Foundation, Soros’s main conduit for aid to Hungarian non-government organizations, said that the post was a “shocking attack” against the financier.”

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