Inmates Applaud Cop Killer-[VIDEO]

Cook County jail detainees applaud accused cop killer Shomari Legghette

In the Cook County jail, detainees can be seen applauding accused cop killer Shomari Legghette as he is walked pasted their holding area. You can see clapping and later laughing at the other police officers as they walk past.

Everyone of these guy that did this should be charged with something akin to supplying aid and comfort to the enemy.



Earlier we reported on the cop killer who had an out burst in court saying he would get out and kill more cops. You can watch that video HERE

Another Cop Killer


These incidents are just another case and point event that shows the moral decay and mental health issues going unaddressed in this nation/world.

When you take away God, discipline, intact families, moral instruction and add to that the attitude that ANYTHING goes, this is the path MANY will go down.

We have had enough political correctness and moral rot, it is time to face the fact that a life with no restraint whatsoever, a breakdown in the family unit, no moral lines that society holds, it will and currently IS producing this type of problem. 

The same applies to school shootings like the nation just endured..We need a Spiritual, Moral and mental health approach to fix these thing. 


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