Iran is being rocked by anti-government protests. Here’s why demonstrators deserve Trump’s support

Iran protesters

Protesters took the streets in more than a half-dozen cities in Iran for a second day Friday, risking their lives to challenge the Islamist tyranny that has prevailed in the country since 1979, when it held American diplomats hostage.”

 Christian Whiton | Fox News

“Whether the protests last only another day or persist long enough to imperil the Iranian regime, President Trump should make it clear that America gives the protesters our moral support.

The protests began as demonstrations against austere economic conditions but have now grown to express general opposition to the Islamist government.

Protests have even spread to Qom, the intellectual heartland of the 1979 Islamist revolution and the onetime base of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini when he successfully worked to destroy Iran’s secular government before 1979. 

The last widespread and sustained protests in Iran occurred in 2009, after fraudulent elections. At the time, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shamefully sat on their hands, saying and doing nothing to support the protesters. They later justified their silence by claiming that protesters wouldn’t want U.S. support, which would enable the Iranian regime to paint the protests as a foreign plot.

In reality, despotic regimes will always make the claim that America is behind protests. Furthermore, pro-freedom protesters always privately want the support of the free world – and the American president. Such support cheers dissidents and raises the cost to the dictatorial regime of brutally suppressing protests…

President Trump has the opportunity now to redeem the tragic mistake America made under President Obama in ignoring anti-regime protesters in Iran.

We will never know for sure if Iran could have been a freer nation with a less dangerous government had President Obama and Hillary Clinton spoken up the last time protesters took to the streets in 2009. But President Trump today can stand up for those who are risking their lives to oppose a regime that has considered itself at war with America since it came to power.  

If President Trump acts now he will not just be engaging in an act of idealism, but working in a pragmatic way against our Iranian adversaries.” 

Source Fox News

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