Is German state propaganda promoting children to be Muslims?

German Propaganda
Germany has lost it's mind to allow this type of crap to be on TV. Their country is becoming a shithole because of stuff like this, and their inept leaders with globalist mindsets.

"Unbelievable what television does: "From today we call God Allah"

Source of the video - Lindenstraße, episode 1084 from the year 2006

Lindenstrasse is one of Germany's most programs which is aired on German state TV. It has millions of viewers, is critically acclaimed as a home for serious drama with a political edge, 

and is produced by one of the country's most radical and best-known directors.

We do not have the words, what you do in forced television to do everything to promote Islamization. 

Compared to the criticized KIKA contribution, this is the summit. "All children are Muslims" - "There is no god but Allah"

Source Politickstube



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