John McCain Is The Opposite Of America First

John McCain is the opposite of America First. How DARE he talk trash to OUR President! This swamp scum should be expelled from the office he NEVER deserved.

How many different ways has he betrayed America? What about this recording? A 1969 Tokyo Rose Type Propaganda recording that was broadcast on North Vietnamese Radio. This recording was found in a misplaced file and was captured by the CIA’s Foreign broadcast information service. In 2008, Politifact said  Vietnam veterans who claimed that Sen. McCain was a traitor and a “Hanoi Hilton songbird” were “Pants on Fire wrong.”, and that was THE END. Let’s sweep it all under the rug. But then this recording was uncovered that seems to support their claims.

Or What about this act of a stupidity? With millions suffering under the disaster known as Obamacare, he does this:

President Trump was RIGHT when he tweeted:

Which one is John McCain? Hater or Fool?

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