Have you Read the Leaked Document by David Brock- Outlining the Liberal Action Plan to Silence Conservative? [HERE IT IS]

Leaked Facebook Pressure David Brock Media Matters

A 49-page attack plan against Conservatives and Donald Trump by the leftist Democrats was leaked last year, if you haven’t seen or read it you can read the full copy here

When you read this plan of theirs you can see how far they have came, in a short amount of time, in accomplishing their goal of silencing of the right. Their tactic of smear and label everything “Fake News” as been far more effective than many think.

Below are excerpts from the book, so you can get a glimpse of what’s inside. Please share this knowledge with everyone you know. The left is trying hard to stop the ability of all Conservatives voices to be heard. This is the censorship you have been worried would happen, IT IS HERE NOW 


Leaked David Brock

Leaked David Brock Attack on the Right

Leaked David Brock Attack Right Shareblue

Leaked David Brock Attack on the Right Trump Phone interviews

Whether you agree with him or not Alex Jones has a right to speak and YouTube (because of pressure from Left Wing  zealots) are rumored to be banning his account today

CNN is pushing to have Alex Jones Banned READ that HERE


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