Leftists Arrested For Rioting at Trump Inauguration in Court Today, Face Mutiple Felonies

The Soros funded alt-left is in court today. They better throw the book at them instead of kissing their rears and letting them off easy. You can’t trust the justice system anymore, it is filled with political hacks.

Of course their little thug infested group is calling for morons to show up and bully the courts.

From a “Resist This” press release:

The jury for the N15 trial group has been selected and 6 defendants begin trial this coming Monday morning. They are still facing 6 felonies and 2 misdemeanors, which adds up to a mac of about 60 years they are facing. We need everyone to come out on Monday morning to pack the court in support of the N15 trial group.

Please arrive by 8am so that you have lots of time to get though security; don’t bring anything that they won’t let through; wear snazzy court support clothes if you have them (black if possible, but we’ll have black blazers to borrow for folks who want/need that to be able to ).

The jury will sit at 10:30am on Monday morning and we need everyone seated and situated long before then, because the judge will take the bench at 9:30am to handle preliminary matters. Ideally, we’d like to have the courtroom packed by then.

Expect a full day in court on Monday and Tuesday. Be prepared to listen attentively to the proceedings, to show love to our friends on trial (as they hear the government try to vilify them), and to show respect to the jurors.

The central utility of your presence in court is to provide loving support for the defendants. Being present in the courtroom space so that they are able to observe that loving support, and draw energy from it, is incredibly important”

Just arrest them when they show up for supporting criminals!



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