Legislation would block Trump military parade

Trump's military Parade

New legislation would effectively block President Trump from staging a military parade after the idea of tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Ave. drew comparisons to North Korea and the Soviet Union.

The “Preparedness Before Parades Act,” introduced Thursday by Rep. Brad Schneider, DEMOCRAT-Ill., would create rules that make such parades nearly impossible.

“I have severe concerns about the cost, diversion of resources, and effect on readiness of a large-scale parade seemingly conceived only to please the whims of the president,” Schneider said in a statement.

Under the bill, a “large-scale military parade” would require approval from the defense secretary and the municipal government where the event is planned. It could only proceed only if the Executive Office of the President paid at least 50 percent of parade costs.

We have a question for DEMOCRATIC Rep. Schneider, does he worry about the resources that are diverted or the money it takes for the readiness of: pussy hat parades, Antifa, BLM, Black Panthers, DACA protests, or other of the many foolish, dangerous, anti American, or just plain stupid, street blocking foolishness that is allowed to go unrestrained, breaking laws, destroying property, and threatening others safety? We can answer for this POS non-patriotic ass wipe, the answer is NO HE DOESN’T!

Read on if you want to see the low-life scum that screeches in the streets and are hell-bent on destroying America. They do not give two shits about “peace” “money” “military readiness” or any of the other asinine reasons they spew. 

They care about two things, resisting anything President Trump does, and turning America into a socialist shithole.

Anti-war organizers vowed Tiananmen Square-style resistance, with activist Arn Menconi collecting the names of volunteers to lay in front of tanks. D.C. Councilman David Grosso, a political independent, said he would organize a large anti-war march if Trump proceeded with a parade.

“This could be the golden opportunity to build a broad-based, energized peace movement,” longtime Code Pink organizer Medea Benjamin told the Washington Examiner.

“If it goes ahead, I think there will be massive protests of all kinds – rallies, civil disobedience, smaller affinity groups doing creative counter parades, clowns, dancing ‘soldiers’ with brass bands, contingents of healthcare workers, teachers,” she said. “I envision a potpourri of actions, with LOTS of people involved

The rest of their blather can be found HERE if you desire to read their anti-American BS

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