Look where OUR federal tax dollars are going!-Letting illegals live it up in fancy houses

Wellspring Lutheran Illegal Children Federal tax dollars

Wellspring Lutheran Services has secured a federal contract to provide short-term shelter at its Bay City facility for unauthorized(ILLEGALS) immigrant(ALIEN) children and teens from Central America.

That’s right, OUR taxes that the government rapes out of our paycheck, so mush so, that most of us live paycheck to paycheck eating ramen noodles and hoping we have enough gas to get work all week, is going to let ILLEGAL ALIENS live it up like little kings and queens by the sweat off our backs.




According to CEO David Gehm, 24 boys and girls(ILLEGALS), ages 6-13, will be housed at Wellspring’s Bay City facility.

Nearly 60,000(ILLEGAL) children and teens from the Central American countries have turned up at U.S. borders since October.

As this nonprofit (LOL) prepares to house the(ILLEGAL ALIEN) refugee children to Bay City, officials at Pioneer Work and Learn Center, a juvenile center in Vassar operated by Wolverine Human Services, are working to bring 60(ILLEGAL) male youths, ages 12-17, from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras for two- to four-weeks.

Wellspring Lutheran Live it up illegals federal tax dollars

Protesters in opposition to and support of the move have made their way to the rural Tuscola County town expressing their opinion.

That organization has yet to secure a federal contract to do so.

GOOD!!! Keep up the protest! Why should we pay one dime for this. Put them on a plane or bus BACK to their country!

The contract Wellspring has with the Office of Refugee Resettlement is a “self-contained” contract, meaning all services the children may require are paid for through that contract using federal dollars.

The WellSpring CEO tries to make a big issue out of the fact it is only FEDERAL DOLLARS they will be using. Well WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK THOSE FEDERAL DOLLARS COME FROM!!

These churches are using GOD’s name to ROB us to point we can barely take care of our AMERICAN BORN children.

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