Man Rescuing Bunny From Wildfire Reveals Whites’ Hatred for Blacks


Remember the man who stopped to rescue a rabbit from the wild fires in California? If not here is it:

“Caleb Wadman became an overnight hero, thanks to a video that showed him saving a rabbit from the flames of the Southern California wildfires last week. 
Now, the man who saved the rabbit is speaking out to Inside Edition. 

Video from last week’s daring rescue shows Wadman in a state of panic as he holds his head in grief while trying to get the frightened rabbit to safety. ”

Well leave it to the race baiting haters on the left to turn an act of kindness into a hate-filled rant.

Damon Young, a columnist for had to show how ignorant the left can be to take a story that is happy and turn it into a racist moment. 

According to Young’s hateful commentary:

“Wadman’s kind deed was a glaring symbol of white American racism.

Young’s article, “The Video of the Man Saving the Rabbit from the Fire Captures Everything Wrong with Whiteness in 30 Seconds”

… contends that Wadman’s act of bravery proves that whites care more for animals than for black people.

This is a stretch even for the delusional race baiters, It just goes to show, when you have your mind set on hate and have been trained to believe everyone is against you, you can find discrimination even in an act of kindness to an innocent animal.

If you want your head to explode from insanity here is a link to the pitiful article HERE

Personally I wouldn’t give the article ANY clicks

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