Mark Levin: CPAC 2015: “We need to stand with Trump and “defend” the presidency against the left.” True today more than ever before [WATCH]

Mark Levin CPAC Defend president

“We do have a President of the United States who loves his country, loves its history, and we need to stand with him because [Democrats] want to take him out over our dead bodies,” Levin said.

“We are the first and last line of defense for this country. I don’t care if you agree with this president or not. It is our obligation to defend this man and defend this office,” Levin told attendees Saturday morning.

Levin also calls out Obama and his wrongdoings

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“Not since Ronald Reagan have we had a man so serious about reining in the massive administrative state. It doesn’t have to be a philosophical issue with him,” Levin said, adding that it is important that conservatives support someone who combats liberals to ensure they do not define the narrative in this country.



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