Media Blackout: Stabbing victim says assailant shouted ‘Allah’

Media Blackout stabbing attack Oklahoma

Media Blackout alert! Police suspect a religious discussion may have escalated into an argument that led to a stabbing at an apartment complex Wednesday morning

After being dispatched to a report of a fight in progress at Wolf Run Apartments the morning of Feb. 7, officers of the Tahlequah Police Department arrested Ibrahim Alyami, 24, was arrested on complaints stemming from the stabbing incident.

Officer Brian Jordan and Officer Bronson McNeil arrived on scene and met Adam Wallace and Fahad Hamad Alsawidan outside one of the apartments. The officers reported seeing Wallace bleeding significantly from his right arm, with a shirt wrapped around it as a makeshift tourniquet.
This happened yesterday and I do not recall seeing it on ANY major news outlet. Why?? This is an alleged terror attack, hate crime, and religious oppression story. No pictures, no mugshots, NOTHING.

Wallace claimed he had been stabbed, and described the suspect as a Middle Eastern male in a black jacket and denim jeans. Officers were dispatched with the description.

Wallace told police he was stabbed because he didn’t follow Islam, and that during the stabbing, the suspect yelled “Allah!” several times.

Alyami was later detained and brought to the location of the incident. Wallace reportedly identified him as the suspect and said his name was Ibrahim. Alyami reportedly confirmed his first name, and was placed under arrest.

Source Tahlequah Daily

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