Nancy Pelosi Tells CA. Republicans “You don’t belong here”

The ever so tolerant Democrats once again proving they are the least tolerant people in politics. Nancy Pelosi tweeted this to California Republicans:

Who does she think she speaks for? She is not ruler and dictator over what the people of California think. Their thoughts and feelings do not have to line up with her crazy leftist politics in order to be “approved” by her. Is she trying to set herself up as a little dictator of California?

Twitter world had some advice for Crazy Nancy:

“The belief that “the people” are somehow one — and united — has caused major suffering worldwide. Just think about North Korea. The Soviet Union. Mao’s China. ‘Modern’ Venezuela. And Cuba. In every single one of those countries, leaders talk about “the people” constantly, while expanding their own personal power. One of their favorite tools? Sending opponents off to the gulag/prison/concentration camps.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Pelosi tells California Republicans who dare support President Trump’s tax bill to leave the state. Stalin, Mao, Castro, Kim, and Chavez would have agreed. Send them off to the gulag!”

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