NFL rejects veterans group’s ad for Super Bowl program

The NFL has denied advertising space in the Super Bowl program for a veterans group that declined to alter language about standing for the national anthem.

Via Washington Post

Anyone that watches the NFL after this can NOT in good faith call themselves an America Patriot

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed Tuesday that American Veterans, or AMVETS , submitted an advertisement last week to the third-party publisher of the game program with the message, “Please Stand.”

McCarthy said the league, which has editorial control over the content, asked AMVETS to consider other options for the message, such as “Please Honor our Veterans” or “Please Stand for our Veterans.” The two organizations were unable to agree on language in time to meet production deadlines. McCarthy said a separate ad from the Veterans of Foreign Wars group with the words “We Stand for Veterans” was approved.

So these speech censoring thugs at the NFL don’t want anything that sounds too much like “get up and have some respect” but that have zero problem with letting a Black Supremacist themed half-time show be on full display or being anti-Trump.. NO!

They claim the reason they won’t take the ad is because they don’t want the NFL to be political HA!!

Remember this? NFL: We’re not silencing Lady Gaga on Trump

So don’t think we are buying THAT line of bull!

Commissioner Roger Goodell was sent a letter dated Monday from AMVETS national commander Marion Polk to express the Lanham, Maryland-based organization’s dismay with the league’s decision.

Veterans Denied NFL

“Freedom of speech works both ways. We respect the rights of those who choose to protest, as these rights are precisely what our members have fought — and in many cases died — for,” Polk said in his letter to Goodell. “But imposing corporate censorship to deny that same right to those veterans who have secured it for us all is reprehensible and totally beyond the pale.”



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