North Carolina GOP offices targeted by protesters over deportation of illegal immigrants.

Reload has received photos of the North Carolina Republican Headquarters being targeted by a mob of angry protesters. They were trespassing, harassing staff,and also banging on doors and windows. 

“The protest was regarding an illegal immigrant being deported. “While it’s not our place to evaluate this case specifically, the North Carolina Republican Party believes immigration policy must put the interests of our existing citizens first, said a Representative of the office.”

In addition they added, “However, the temper tantrums of the far left have thrown since President Trump was elected need to stop”

We at Reload agree, American citizens first, America First. It is why Trump was elected AND it is why the left wants to get rid of him so bad. America and it’s rightful citizens are dirt under their feet.

Anyone blocking our laws from being enforced should be charged with obstruction. That includes activist judges, pandering politicians and lefty numb skulls who think tantrums are the way to get what you want

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