North Korean Olympic Cheerleaders Life of Sex Slavery

North Korean Cheerleaders as sex slaves

Members of the North Korean national cheerleading squad — who have been featured gleefully rooting at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics — are systematically forced to have sex with high-ranking members of Kim Jong Un’s twisted regime, according to a disturbing report.

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That’s right, the same cheerleaders the MSM, in their zeal to push anything that closely resembles an affront to President Trump, nearly deified these girls with no thought or mention of the horrors they endure under the dictator Kim Jong Un

Behind the scenes, the troupe — dubbed the “Pleasure Squad” by insiders — are forced to perform sex acts on party leaders during their trip to the Olympics, a defector with knowledge of the sexual slavery told Bloomberg News.

“[The] troupe came here and performed with dances and songs, and it might seem like a fancy show on the outside [but] they also have to go to parties and provide sexual services,” said defector Lee So Yeon, a military musician who fled the country in 2008, during Kim Jong Un’s regime.

“They go to the central Politburo party’s events, and have to sleep with the people there, even if they don’t want it,” said Yeon, 42.

She added, “Those sorts of human-rights infringements take place, where women have to follow what they are told to do with their bodies.”

“have to follow what they are told to do with their bodies” Where were the left wing “my body, my choice” and the #MeToo crowd for these girls?? Could it be that it would not fit thier political agenda to “go there”. Maybe a much better option, which they seem to have chosen, would be to put them on a pedestal in a brazen attempt to show that North Korea is a wonderful place and mean old Trump is bullying them.

The girls are monitored 24 hours a day, even while they eat and use the restroom, according to the UK Metro.

Yeon’s account of the sexual slavery piggybacks on past reports in which female defectors from North Korea have described being “selected” to sexually service members of the political party.

Come on Hollywood, MSM, Left Wing Kooks and Mainstream Democrats..You have anything to say condemning this in your supposed zeal for women’s right??? That’s what we thought…..

In 2010, defector Mi-hyang said she was only 15 years old when soldiers in green uniforms stormed her classroom and chose her to become a sex slave for Kim Jong Il, the father of Kim Jong Un, according to Marie Claire magazine.

She was forbidden from seeing her family and forced to spend 10 years sexually pleasuring him, according to the report.

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