North Korean Propaganda ALL over NBC, ABC, CNN and WaPo-WHY?

If you are so unfortunate as to watch ABC, NBC CNN or read the Washington Post..Does it bother you at all that they are filling their airwaves and twitter feed with North Korean Propaganda?

They are painting it to be a wonderful place and bragging about about “how well they are being treated”, while ignoring the fact this is an evil regime that tortures, starves and murders it own people, not to mention, threatening America with a nuclear attack.

Nick Short @PoliticalShort Wants to know why? So do we…


This Twitter user said it well:

MSM and North Korean Propaganda



There is only one explanation for this: Trump Derangement Syndrome.

They would actually lap the boots of an evil dictator in an effort to undermine President Trump’s efforts to protect Americans from this madman’s mission.

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